The Reign of Queen Elizabeth

It’s inarguable that most of the world would agree that there’s only one woman who comes to mind upon hearing the words “The Queen.” The reign of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom was nothing short of an era, her passing serving as a tremendous loss for the modern world.

Living Church of God reviews how Elizabeth II and her epoch of leadership will not soon be forgotten, for reasons far more notable than just the span of time she spent on the throne.

Her Fated Reign

Upon her birth, Elizabeth II was actually third in line for her place on the throne. At the age of 10, in 1936, her life changed drastically. Her grandfather passed, causing her uncle Edward VIII to be anointed as king, but he abdicated his position to marry divorcée Wallis Simpson. Of course, this changed the course of history, and Elizabeth II was suddenly thrust into being first in line to the throne.

The lives of Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, changed dramatically upon this shift, the pair of them being trained into a world with far greater expectations than the one they left behind. Sadly, it would not take long for another uprooting.

In 1952, her father passed at only 56 years old, causing 25-year-old Elizabeth to be anointed queen.

A Lifetime of Dedication

Elizabeth II, in spite of the flux of her life, took her place as Queen of the United Kingdom with grace. In fact, five years prior to her taking the throne, she was famously quoted as saying that her “whole life, whether it be long or short,” would be dedicated to her service to the lands she ruled.

And it is undeniable that her vow was unshakeable. Having sworn upon the Bible during her coronation, Queen Elizabeth approached her duty as a leader with the kind of steadfastness held only by those who believe in their vocational responsibilities. She was known to be a religious woman and often turned to prayer in times of national and personal strife.

Her reign was hallmarked by her adaptability during times of pressure, the respect she silently demanded as she walked into the room, and the comfort she brought whenever she attended events. She upheld the vow she made at 21 throughout her 70-year reign and set a royal standard that will be remembered forever.

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Her Passing and Future of The Monarchy

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed at the age of 96 years old. In spite of her selective public appearances during her later years, she remained a symbol of the nation up until her death. To say she fulfilled her calling and vocation would be a minimization of her accomplishments: she is the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Her eldest son, Charles III, continues on the lineal reign, now serving as King of England—a title that, like his mother’s, is one of spiritual providence.

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