The Leadership Crisis

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Looking out at the world today, it’s hard to see anything but suffering and chaos. Between pandemics, wars, natural disasters, and the ever-present tension between East and West, it feels as if the world is a tinderbox, waiting to spark into flames. The Living Church of God explains that the sheer lack of strong and effective leadership is what’s driving us off a cliff.

The United Kingdom, a once powerful nation that ruled the world, is now in political turmoil, jumping through three prime ministers in the span of a year. Likewise in Scotland and New Zealand, prime ministers have stepped down due to their inability to lead their nations. It’s clear now that the world is caught in a leadership crisis and if something doesn’t change soon, the effects could be dire.

Growing Incompetence

Our leaders today are less competent than at any point in modern history. They are either too old and out of touch with the problems of today, too inexperienced to understand the magnitude of the job, or too entrenched in their own beliefs to innovate effective solutions.

They come into power by spreading false promises, then renege when they realize how difficult it would be to deliver. No one has the integrity to take any blame and, instead, they point fingers across the aisle at their competing politicians. Meanwhile, the world sinks deeper into crisis as politicians turn their attention to their own reelections. The bar has dropped so low that any leader capable of speaking with a sense of authority can capture an audience despite their own complete lack of competence and experience.

living church of god reviews

Selfish Ambition Guides Our Leaders

There was a time when great men pleaded for the youth to ask not what their country could do for them but what they could do for their country. It was that sense of selfless dedication to building a brighter tomorrow that once led the nation to success. Yet, today, selfless devotion has instead been corrupted and replaced by greedy ambition.

The idols of today are not scientists, authors, and poets—they’re beauty gurus, travel influencers, and Hollywood socialites. When we look at our leaders, we find the same high-gloss, highly scripted, and high-drama affairs we find on television—prime ministers caught at parties during COVID lockdowns, royal families feuding over petty spite, and titans of industry manipulating stocks via Twitter.

All the while, they line their pockets and spread their names, becoming more powerful and wealthier in the process.

The Bible Speaks the Truth

It’s clear that the world is suffering under the oppression of false leaders, as predicted by the word of God. Yet, this prophecy predicts that soon a true and noble leader will rise to claim the Earth and lead its people to righteousness. Those who have suffered will find eternal happiness in his Kingdom and those who profited off the torment of the world will be held accountable.

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Living Church of God Reviews