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The Leadership Crisis

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Looking out at the world today, it’s hard to see anything but suffering and chaos. Between pandemics, wars, natural disasters, and the ever-present tension between East and West, it feels as if the world is a tinderbox, waiting to spark into flames. The Living Church of God explains that the sheer lack of strong and effective leadership is what’s driving us off a cliff.

The United Kingdom, a once powerful nation that ruled the world, is now in political turmoil, jumping through three prime ministers in the span of a year. Likewise in Scotland and New Zealand, prime ministers have stepped down due to their inability to lead their nations. It’s clear now that the world is caught in a leadership crisis and if something doesn’t change soon, the effects could be dire.

Growing Incompetence

Our leaders today are less competent than at any point in modern history. They are either too old and out of touch with the problems of today, too inexperienced to understand the magnitude of the job, or too entrenched in their own beliefs to innovate effective solutions.

They come into power by spreading false promises, then renege when they realize how difficult it would be to deliver. No one has the integrity to take any blame and, instead, they point fingers across the aisle at their competing politicians. Meanwhile, the world sinks deeper into crisis as politicians turn their attention to their own reelections. The bar has dropped so low that any leader capable of speaking with a sense of authority can capture an audience despite their own complete lack of competence and experience.

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Selfish Ambition Guides Our Leaders

There was a time when great men pleaded for the youth to ask not what their country could do for them but what they could do for their country. It was that sense of selfless dedication to building a brighter tomorrow that once led the nation to success. Yet, today, selfless devotion has instead been corrupted and replaced by greedy ambition.

The idols of today are not scientists, authors, and poets—they’re beauty gurus, travel influencers, and Hollywood socialites. When we look at our leaders, we find the same high-gloss, highly scripted, and high-drama affairs we find on television—prime ministers caught at parties during COVID lockdowns, royal families feuding over petty spite, and titans of industry manipulating stocks via Twitter.

All the while, they line their pockets and spread their names, becoming more powerful and wealthier in the process.

The Bible Speaks the Truth

It’s clear that the world is suffering under the oppression of false leaders, as predicted by the word of God. Yet, this prophecy predicts that soon a true and noble leader will rise to claim the Earth and lead its people to righteousness. Those who have suffered will find eternal happiness in his Kingdom and those who profited off the torment of the world will be held accountable.

Disrupting the Supply Chain

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Looking at the world today, you’d be right to assume that nothing currently works as it should. Nearly three years into a global pandemic, we’re still dealing with supply chain issues, labor shortages, and rapidly rising inflation. Yet, just as a repaired pipe will sputter to clear out trapped air, the world too is clearing out the effects of past damage.

Rather than give in to fear and the dread of what seems to be an impending catastrophe, let us remember Christ’s sermon on the Mount of Olives, as well as his parable of the fig tree. The Living Church of God reviews that by putting our faith in God, we can see past Satan’s work and rest assured that even in the darkest of times, we are not alone.

How COVID-19 Affected Supply Chains

The pandemic has disrupted global supply chains in a way that is unprecedented in recent history. Within the first few months, the Chinese government forced factories to close, leading to a global shortage of goods and materials. This, in turn, led to higher prices and an increase in inflation. Yet, it wasn’t just a lack of affordable Chinese products that hit supply chains.

As with Chinese factories, shipping and logistics companies also downsized their operations by forcing employees to stay home, in line with COVID safety regulations. This further disrupted the movement of goods around the world, as well as the already strained relationship between workers and management.

The pandemic has also resulted in a decrease in demand for certain products, as people are buying less and saving more. This has led to a decrease in production, as companies are forced to cut costs. The combination of all these factors has resulted in an overall decrease in the efficiency of global supply chains.

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The Sermon on the Mount of Olives Serves as a Guiding Light

In the midst of all this darkness, we can find hope in Christ’s sermon on the Mount of Olives. In this sermon, Christ speaks of the end times and the tribulations that will come before his return. Yet, he also reassures us that we need not fear, for he will be with us always.

The fig tree is another reminder of this. In Christ’s parable of the fig tree, he tells us that when we see the leaves of the fig tree, we know that summer is near. This is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, we must look for the signs of Christ’s return. When summer comes, we may all rejoice in His righteous rule.

The Final Word

Even in the darkest of times, Christ is our light. He is the one who will guide us through the storm and lead us to safety. Christ’s teachings remind us that we must be like the wise virgins with our lamps filled so that when the time comes, we will be ready. These parables are a reminder that even in the midst of chaos, we must be prepared for Christ.

The Great Reset

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For years now, warnings of economic collapse, rapidly escalating wars, widening wealth inequality, burgeoning sovereign debt, and irreversible climate change have pushed many to wonder how we can overcome such global catastrophes. Many are now calling for a “Great Reset” to reinvent and refocus the world’s priorities before it’s too late.

Yet, critics question whether the so-called “Great Reset” will actually benefit the masses or simply transfer power to a cabal of global elites, protected under the banner of leadership. The Living Church of God reviews that while there’s no denying that something must give for humanity to survive the next few decades, it’s essential to remember God’s role in whatever reset takes place.

The Growing Disparity Between Rich and Poor

A key driving force behind the call for a Great Reset is the growing disparity between rich and poor. The world’s wealthiest 1% now hold more than half of the planet’s wealth, while the bottom 50% control just 1%. The combination of rapidly escalating housing costs, stagnant wages, and cuts to social safety nets has left many feeling hopeless and angry.

This growing disparity is not just a problem in the United States, though; it is a global phenomenon. In 2018, Oxfam estimated that 26 people owned as much wealth as the bottom 3.8 billion people on the planet and, by 2019, that number had shrunk to just 22 people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these trends, with the world’s billionaires increasing their wealth by $3 trillion during the first six months of the pandemic alone. Clearly, the current system is not working for the majority of people on the planet. A reset is needed to ensure that the world’s resources are distributed more fairly and that everyone has a chance to prosper.

Vocal Advocates for a Reset Reside in Positions of Power

Perhaps ironically, though, the most vocal advocates for a transition into a new chapter for humanity are those at the top. For example, Claus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has made it the Forum’s mission to push the world toward a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

His calls for action have been echoed by the likes of King Charles III (personally worth $600 million), António Guterres (head of the United Nations), and Kristalina Georgieva (head of the IMF). This has led many critics to question whether the Great Reset will drive equality or redistribute power and wealth to those who already benefit from the current system.

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The Role of God in the Great Reset

While the call for a Great Reset is coming from a variety of secular sources, it’s important to remember that God is ultimately in control of history. He is the one who “makes the world and its inhabitants,” and “gives to all mankind their daily bread” (Psalm 115:3, 14). Let us remember that He is “partial to the poor and needy” and “defends the cause of the oppressed” (Psalm 140:12).

Therefore, any reset that takes place must be done in accordance with God’s will if it is to be successful. The Bible makes it clear that the current economic system is not in line with God’s will, but any attempt to create a more just and equitable world without God will ultimately fail.

The Final Word

The book of James warns that the rich will be judged for their greed and exploitation of the poor (James 5:1-6). This is in contrast to the current world where the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. A reset is needed to correct this imbalance and create a more just world, but it must be in line with God’s teaching.